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Schmetz Light Ballpoint SES Size 16/100 Pack of 20 Needles

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Product Code: 134SESX100

Schmetz Light Ballpoint SES Size 16/100 Pack of 20 Needles
Brand Schmetz
Condition New
Schmetz Light Ballpoint SES Needles

These Ballpoint needles are recommended by Kelly Cline who uses them for her machine quilting - she uses Handi Quilter machines. She has found them to work well, particularly for batik prints as the needles push the fibres apart rather than cut them (as Sharps needles do).  This is what Kelly has said about these needles - 

1. Ball-point tip spreads fibers instead of cutting them, preventing holes in fibers. 
2. Reduces thread breaks when machine goes from right to left. 
3. Round shank needles, for muliti-directional use 
4. For use with most machines HandiQuilter, Gammill, Prodigy, Nolting, Tin Lizzie and Innovas. They will work with an HQ Infinity at lower speeds. *****(these are an industrial type of needles with a round shank top, with a thread groove in the front and scarf in the back).
5. Prevents skipped stitches 
6. High stability and prevents deflection. 
7. Precise stitches "

We've tried them and liked them.

CANU: 20:05EB1
134(R) SES 20:05EB1 135x5 SY1955 DPx5. SES Light ball point needle.

If you are using them on Infinity do not use at top speeds. We recommend using the High Speed needles with the Infinity as there is less deflection with the High Speed Needles
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