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Mystical Feathers 1 DVD by Jamie Wallen

Mystical Feathers 1 DVD by Jamie Wallen

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Mystical Feathers DVD 1 by Jamie Wallen - "Designs for the Surface Artist"

This DVD includes two DVDs - one contains the videos and the other is a Digital Book with Printable Sliders (for practising designs). 

Learn from one of our favourite quilting teachers how to use the classic and new style of feather fronds. No matter what form of surface art, quilting, pyrography, card arts, etc this is a valuable addition to your instructional and inspirational library. Jamie is a wonderful teacher and you can find out more at or at Quilters Apothecary.

Contains 1 DVD of the Printable Book and Sliders and 1 DVD of videos that you can watch and replay to your hearts content.

If you're not familiar with "Sliders" this is how Jamie uses them to build "muscle memory" - 

"The first step in learning any type of design for freeform work is to build "Muscle Memory" for each design or style. The Pages in this section I have named "Sliders" I have a line of them that are laminated for use with Dry Erase Markers for students to trace over and over to build muscle memory. You now have the five printable folders for the designs that pertain to "Mystical Feathers 1". 
To use the sliders, print off a few each per section as you work your way through the book. Use your pen and "SLOWLY" trace the design path on the printed "Slider Masters" (I suggest printing 2 each so that you have an extra as your pen wears the first one out). If you want to create the ones I sell, use a Quality Card Stock and have them laminated for use with thin tip "Dry Erase Markers". Keep in mind that it takes from one to three hours to build the Muscle Memory and remember the only "Rule" in learning new surface designs, "You have to be willing to 'Stink' at it for a bit before you can improve", no magic here just practice, practice, practice... No matter what your form of surface art is, enjoy the process!"  Jamie Wallen.

This is a promo video so you can see the kind of content - 

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